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Owen Michaels And Taylor Blaise Add Movie to your Favorites Manage Favorites

Owen Michaels
Taylor Blaise

Owen Michaels and Taylor Blaise start this sexy scene off with some passionate kisses, clearly hungry for one another as the tops come off and Taylor kisses his way down Owen’s muscular chest and abs right to his waiting cock.  He strokes Owen’s dick with his lips, pulling that cock in and out of his mouth as Owen thrusts it deeper, face-fucking Taylor. 

Owen’s hungry for some meat as well and pulls a tricky move, flipping Taylor up on top of his shoulders so that his cock is in his face, just the perfect angle for some super hot oral.  Once he’s done with that dick he throws Taylor onto the bed and goes for his ass next, giving him a wet rimjob before pushing his prick inside of Taylor's tight hole. 

Owen gives Taylor’s ass a few good smacks as he fucks him, his balls slapping against Taylor’s ass as he pounds him deep and fast.  Owen certainly isn’t gentle with his bottom as he positions him however he wants him and rides him hard, making that ass sore as he slams into him over and over.  When Owen gets Taylor on his back and fills his ass with his prick, it’s more than Taylor can take and he strokes out a huge load before swallowing Owen's cum!

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