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Dillon Anderson
Alec Black

Alec Black and Dillon Anderson take their time with each other as they get warmed up, touching each other all over and kissing hard as they sit shirtless on the bed and rub their cocks. Dillon unleashes his monster of a dick and Alec can’t help but be drawn to it, wrapping his lips around it and deepthroating that sweet cock as Dillon sits back and enjoys.

When it’s Alec’s turn for head, Dillon doesn’t disappoint, sucking his balls and licking his shaft as Alec’s eyes close in pleasure. But their cocks aren’t the only thing that gets a good licking…Alec bends Dillon over and buries his face between Dillon’s little ass cheeks, rimming Dillon’s asshole and fingering it a little before move on to the ass-pounding action! 

Dillon climbs on top and balances over Alec’s erect cock, lowering himself onto that hard prick as Alec guides it in and fucks him hard, pumping Dillon full of his dick. Dillon lies back and lets Alec pound him, taking that cock and loving the feeling of Alec filling him up inside, and while he gets fucked Dillon strokes his own dick. When these studs get into a different position, with Dillon’s back on the bed and his legs spread wide open for Alec, Alec pulls his cock in and out, nice and slow so that Dillon can feel every movement.  That perfect motion makes Dillon shoot his load and Alec pulls out and cums on Dillon’s balls!

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