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Dimitri Kane Fucks Toby Springs Add Movie to your Favorites Manage Favorites

Toby Springs
Dimitri Kane

Toby Springs and Dimitri Kane need to bust a nut and have some fun, so these guys get straight to it when we get them in the room together, pressing against each other as they start things off with some kisses.  As the making out gets hotter, their cocks get harder and the clothes come off and Dimitri grabs both their dicks and massages them together, then gets Toby on the bed for some oral.

Dimitri takes Toby’s sweet cock in his mouth and works that dick as Toby moans at the feeling of Dimitri’s wet mouth. When Toby sits up, you know it’s time for Dimitri to get head and Toby gets into it, stroking Dimitri’s long shaft with his mouth and hand and getting Dimitri hornier by the second until he bends Toby over and gives him a delicious rimjob

With Toby’s ass prepped for a pounding, Dimitri lubes up and slides that fat cock inside, spanking Toby’s ass and grabbing his hips for leverage as he thrusts into him harder.  Toby bottoms in a few different positions, taking Dimitri’s cock and loving every minute of it as Dimitri fucks him while Toby gently yanks on his own dick. But Toby’s tight ass is too much for Dimitri and he pulls out and sprays Toby with his hot cum, making Toby shoot his load next!

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