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Billy Warren
Zaq Wolf

Zaq Wolf and Billy Warren are both beasts in bed, and before they even get to the bed these guys are kissing hard and grabbing for each other’s dicks, undressing and getting some amazing head as Zaq gives first.  Billy isn’t afraid to shove that cock farther down Zaq’s throat and Zaq isn’t worried about getting a little messy as he spits on Billy’s hard prick! 

Next is Zaq’s turn for oral and Billy gets on his knees in front of his partner, taking Zaq’s sweet cock between his lips and sucking up all that pre-cum as he sticks that dick deep down his throat.  All this cock-sucking has gotten these guys even hornier than before and Zaq bends Billy over the bed and shoves his big dick inside of him, not even bothering to start off slow, he takes what he wants and what he wants is to fuck Billy’s tight ass hole!  Zaq spanks Billy as he fucks him, grabbing Billy’s shoulders and placing his cock deeper inside while Billy gives it up to Zaq. 

Billy flips over and lets Zaq fuck him that way, Billy’s legs spread open wide to let Zaq get all the way up inside of him while Billy jerks his own dick, stroking it fast while getting pumped full of cock. A few more good thrusts and Billy’s draining his dick all over himself, making Zaq pull out and bust a nut too, covering Billy in hot cum as they finish with a few kisses.

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