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Derek Scott And Connor Walts Add Movie to your Favorites Manage Favorites

Derek Scott
Connor Walts

Derek Scott and Connor Walts get each other hard with some passionate kisses and a delicious make out session as Derek teases Connor’s neck and chest with kisses…then teases his cock next! He places light kisses on Connor’s dick and then pulls it out, licking Connor’s balls and shaft before really going in for some oral as he takes his time pleasing Connor. Derek’s mouth makes Connor writhe in pleasure, and then Connor gets to return the favor as he goes down on Derek, his hand and mouth working together to drive Derek wild, so they 69 so that both of them are getting a mouthful of meat! 

That cock-sucking has just made these guys hornier than fuck and Connor is looking to fuck so Derek offers up his tight ass and lets Connor slip his long shaft inside of him, pumping hard and deep as he fills Derek up with his throbbing cock! Derek plays with his own dick while Connor pounds him, rubbing the tip and stroking his own shaft until he comes, then Connor pulls out and jerks himself off into Derek’s mouth, making sure Derek gets a taste of that cum before finishing with a kiss!

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