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Roman Chase And Javier Cruz Add Movie to your Favorites Manage Favorites

Javier Cruz
Roman Chase

Roman Chase and Javier Cruz are horny as fuck and need to bust a nut, lucky these two studs are so into each other that they just can’t keep their hands to themselves!  Their sexy kisses and make out session turns into cock-sucking as Javier drops to his knees to get a taste of Roman’s sweet cock!  That thing is massive and Javier can barely get it all in his mouth, so he uses his hand to help as he runs his lips across that meat, his own uncut cock waiting for action he gives Roman head. 

Javier lies back on the bed and lets Roman get at his dick, sucking it while he plays with himself and deepthroats that massive prick, making Javier moan as Roman takes Javier’s balls in his mouth too! When their cocks are hard and dripping, Javier bends over doggy style on the bed and Roman slides his fat cock inside of him, sticking him with that dick and fucking him slowly, stuffing that tight ass with his big dick and making Javier’s ass cheeks bounce with each thrust! 

Javier touches himself while Roman is inside of him, then they flip and Roman is bottoming for Javier…but not until Roman’s ass gets licked and rimmed by Javier before he fucks it! Javier pumps Roman full of his throbbing cock, spreading Roman’s ass apart so he can get in deep until Roman comes hard, then Javier pulls out and finishes with an epic cumshot, giving Roman a surprise facial with his hot jizz!

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