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Alexander Greene
Sean Christopher

Sean Christopher and Alex Greene keep their lips on one another as they slowly drop their clothes, but Alex can’t even wait until Sean’s pants are off before he’s grabbing for that fat cock and putting it into his mouth!  Alex licks Sean’s balls and sucks his long shaft before the two swap places and Sean is on his knees with Alex’s thick member down his throat!

They climb onto the bed and 69, each getting a mouthful of cock as they suck and lick each other’s delicious meat until they’re both throbbing and hard and in need of a good fuck. Alex stands over Sean and pulls him to the edge of the bed, teasing Sean’s tight hole with his massive cock before slowly sliding it in pulling his hard dick in and out of that tight hole.

Sean takes that dick, letting Alex get his fill before they flip and Alex is sitting on Sean’s long cock, riding it reverse cowboy as he strokes his own prick while they fuck! They try a different position and Alex is on his back getting pounded by Sean, legs spread wide as he gets his ass stretched until he explodes, letting his cum fly and then watching Sean jizz all over him next!

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