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Javier Cruz
Adrian Suarez

Adrian Suarez and Javier Cruz are ready to suck and fuck for you, and as the clothes come off, their bodies come together, lips locked as they kiss hard until Adrian drops to his knees to suck on Javier’s cock.  Taking that dick between his lips, he sucks and works Javier’s cock and then stands up to let Javier taste his dick next, and Javier eagerly takes that meat in his mouth.  Pushing Javier back on the bed, Adrian kisses him hard while Javier fingers Adrian’s tight ass and Adrian moves his hips against Javier’s cock. 

These guys have a little more fun sucking each other cock before Javier climbs on top of Adrian and lowers his ass onto that hard dick, riding Adrian hard, his ass bouncing as he gets fucked and takes that prick.  Adrian places Javier on the bed, Javier’s legs spread wide to allow Adrian to penetrate him deeply as Javier plays with himself, his hand wrapped around his own cock until both he and Adrian are busting a nut, their thick cum covering Javier as they ride out their bliss.

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