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Bryan Cavallo
Brandon Bloom

Bryan Cavallo is back, giving his all with newbie Brandon Bloom! Brandon and Bryan had been hanging out together in the hot tub the night before, and as they begin kissing and undressing each other, you can definitely tell there is some chemistry in the air. Brandon has a raging boner through his underwear, and Bryan cannot help but sigh heavily when Brandon finally goes down on his knees to work on Bryans giant uncut tool with his mouth. Brandon sucks and slurps his way around Bryans cock, and Bryan especially enjoys the deepthroat action that is a specialty of Brandons. Bryan returns the favor, hopping onto the couch and slobbering all over Brandons knob. Brandon and Bryan are so hot and ready that they cannot wait - either of them - for Brandon to sit right down on Bryans cock. Bryan loves the feeling of Brandon riding up and down on his pole, and the feeling of Brandons tight ass is something else! But Bryan likes to be the aggressor, so he simply at one point holds Brandon by the waist and goes to town from below. Soon Bryan has Brandon on his back, and as he bangs the hell out of Brandons ass, Brandon quickly comes to orgasm, shooting a huge nut all over himself. Bryan dumps his load as well. Great Fuck!

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