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Trent Ferris Fucks Chris Hewitt Add Movie to your Favorites Manage Favorites

Chris Hewitt
Trent Ferris

Trent Ferris has become a very popular top guy, and Chris Hewitt is one of the cock-hungriest guys we have seen in a while, so getting these two together produces some amazing results! Trent and Chris get to know one another a little better before Trent shows Chris his dick-sucking skills. Trent is a horny dude, and it shows in the way he handles a cock in his mouth. Chris cannot wait any longer, however, and goes down on Trent. Trent has a wide cock, and seeing Chris get his throat stretched to capacity is hot. Chris gives a mean and fast paced blowjob, and from the looks on Trents face, Chris does a fine job of getting him riled up and ready for the next level. Chris eagerly positions himself on the bed with his ass offered up for Trent. Trent shoves his bare cock into Chris and begins to fuck. Trent goes slow at first but quickly gets into a groove. Chris loves it, but before the show is over Chris wants to ride on Trents dick. Chris pumps up and down on Trent until his legs are almost to give way, then Trent shoves him on his back. Trent gets more aggressive and begins to sweat. Hot fucking at its best, with Chris and Trent both spooging all over.

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