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Bobby Clark Tops Sam Northman Add Movie to your Favorites Manage Favorites

Bobby Clark
Sam Northman

Bobby Clark isn’t a college dude, but he sure loves to fuck those young college studs!  He’s been in and out of porn so he comes back to us with some experience…not to mention he’s horny and can’t keep his hands off of Sam!  It doesn’t seem like Sam minds, though, because the minute we set these two loose they’re locking lips and rubbing dicks.

Clearly they’re both ready to fuck as their cocks are already standing at attention, but Bobby wants a taste of Sam’s juicy meat and gets him on the bed, sucks his cock, licks his balls, and gets him even harder!  Sam goes down on Bobby, too, deepthroating that massive dick and taking his balls in his hot mouth before bending over and bottoming for Bobby, who shoves his whole shaft as far up Sam’s ass as it’ll go. 

He fucks him slow at first, letting Sam get used to his size before pounding him faster, letting Sam get on top and ride his prick as they both moan. A little more making out and Bobby’s got Sam lying on his back, his hard cock buried inside that tight ass as Sam cums all over, and seeing all that hot jiz makes Bobby bust a nut all over Sam’s perfect abs! 

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