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Asher Hawk Fucks Tyson Pierce Add Movie to your Favorites Manage Favorites

Asher Hawk
Tyson Pierce

We’re welcoming Tyson Pierce to College Dudes!  It’s his first time doing anything like this, so of course he’s a little nervous and camera shy, but it certainly helps that we’ve paired him with the super hot Asher because once they start, Tyson seems right at home! 

They make out, taking their time with each other while they undress, feeling those cocks and kissing before they get into the oral!  Asher goes down on Tyson, getting that dick deep down his throat, and then Tyson returns the favor, working Asher’s dick with his hands and mouth.  Once these two have had their fill of cock sucking, Asher bends Tyson over and fucks him, sliding his hard prick in and out, going nice and slow so that Tyson can feel every move in his tight ass! 

When they move things over to the bed, Asher gets a little more rough, fucking Tyson harder and faster as they both moan in pleasure.  Asher buries his cock as deep inside Tyson’s ass as he can, making them both cum all over and Tyson gets a face full of Asher’s hot jizz...another impressive cumshot by Asher!

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