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Josh O Brian Fucks Alex Maxim Add Movie to your Favorites Manage Favorites

Josh O'brian
Alex Maxim

Fuck, these guys are hot, and the two of them together is definitely a promising combination!  I’ll let you be the judge of that yourself...but let’s just say that you won’t be disappointed.  These two ripped and attractive boys are down to fuck, and they savor every experience leading up to it! 

A little makeout session to preface some hardcore and intense cock-sucking is always a good way to start things off, and Alex shows off some very impressive deep-throating skills, shoving Josh’s dick WAY down his throat!  But Josh wants to get a taste of Alex’s big cock and he isn’t shy about it, he takes that dick in his mouth and sucks on his balls before he’s ready to put his cock in Alex! 

Alex bottoms for Josh, guiding his thick cock inside his tight entrance and bouncing up and down, riding him before changing positions and letting Josh in even deeper.  He pumps him full of his throbbing dick, spanking Alex’s full ass and gripping it hard as he rams him.  Once Alex is on his back and taking it up the ass, he can’t help but jizz all over and the sight of all that hot cum gets Josh off in a big way.  It looks like this fuck took a lot out of these two studs...but a little rest and we’re sure they’ll be back for some more!

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