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Alex Maxim

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  • Age: 23
  • Height: 5.11 (180cm)
  • Weight: 180 (82 kg)
  • Shoe: 12 US (46 EU)
  • Cock: 7.5 (19cm)
  • Performer Rating: 4.88/5

In his own words:

""When I am not working, you can usually find me working out or traveling. I love sports and some good sushi every now and then.""

Our comments:

""The first thing we noticed about Alex was his eyes. When we saw that body of his we knew we had found something special. He doesn't have much to say at first but he is a very nice and respectful guy.""

Producer comments:

""I think we may have found a star in this one.""

Comments - Members Only

  • jiggs453 on 08/02/2014

    Love Alex. Fucking cute and fucking hot body. Why doesn't he have a solo? Love to see more of that great ass. He and Bryan fucking hot!!!

    • bayway51 on 11/10/2016

      Very sad. RIP Alex.

      • robpdx77 on 03/01/2015

        Yeah he's hot, but can he get hard? Gay for pay should at least earn the pay.

        • alaskabeth on 01/18/2015

          Alex Maxim is about as hot as you can get...aweome!

          • danedane on 11/12/2014

            The Bryan and Alex scene was fucking hot! Would love to see him fucked wearing shoes w/no socks ;)

            • anonymous on 10/03/2014

              Please feature a shoot with Alex tan and smooth, featuring him wandering around in the nude in the great outdoors. He's simply too beautiful not to do a glamour shot with. Please also focus special attention on his hole; gaping and wide open shots would be so hot.

              • CuriousNYC on 07/23/2014

                Alex. . .MARRY ME !!!

                • CuriousNYC on 05/30/2014

                  ALEX !!!! MARRY ME !!! YESTERDAY !!!! :-)

                  • Thisjosh26 on 05/26/2014

                    Where's Alex Maxim??? PLEASE bring that sexy, HOT stud back ASAP. You should see if he'd be up for getting DP'd, I bet you for sure he'd say yes to it, I can pretty much see him smiling now if you ask him. If they can only come for a few days at a time or whatever, wear him out, get him fucked as much as possible, PLEASE. You need Trent Ferris to fuck him, tell him not to take it easy, I love seeing a dude getting really fucked. Hopefully by now Trent has figured out how to kiss, to French kiss rather than tight lipped where ever he's kissing. But could you Please try to get Trent to Fuck Alex??? Just show them the other's pic & both should jump at the chance. Plus, I know I'm asking a lot, but I've been a paying loyal subscriber for a really long time, could you suggest to Alex about taking two cocks inhis ass at the same time? Man, that would be so incredibly, smoking HOT! I'm already picturing it in my head, oh geeze please try for it, Thanks a million!

                    • phillypig on 04/08/2014

                      VERY HOT SEXY MAN!!!