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Bobby Clark Fucks Alex Maxim Add Movie to your Favorites Manage Favorites

Bobby Clark
Alex Maxim

Bobby Clark and Alex Maxim won’t let us get a word in!  These two were already going at it before the camera even started, and turning it on certainly didn’t make them stop and talk!  These two guys are horny and already bulging out of their pants, kissing and touching one another before they get those clothes out of the way and get to the real fun! 

Bobby commands Alex to stand up and once that dick hits the level of his mouth, Bobby’s sucking on it like it’s the juiciest meat he’s ever tasted!  He wraps his mouth around Alex’s dick and plays with his ass a little, getting him even more worked up than he was before!  But Bobby’s in for quite a treat as well, as Alex gives him head Bobby looks like he can hardly keep his jiz at bay so he quickly gets Alex on top of him and fucks the hell out of that tight, muscular ass! 

Alex gets on all fours and lets Bobby have his way with him as Bobby grabs those perfect ass cheeks , plays with his hard nipples and uses his hot spit for extra lube.  Alex is on his back next getting fucked hard, and Bobby makes sure he can feel every move as he pulls his dick all the way out and shoves it all the way in, filling up Alex’s tight entrance until they both finish with an explosive cumshot!

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